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Why Sell with PSP?

Homeowners, welcome to Privately Sold Properties. An exclusive marketplace that brings property sellers and qualified buyers together via private listings and properties that are not on the open market or the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Did you know that over $10-billion dollars in residential private sales, pocket listings, and off-market homes have SOLD since 2010 in Southern California?

Once a property is downloaded into the MLS, it is forwarded to over a thousand public, non-specific, unprotected websites allowing any person searching for properties to have access to some very confidential information about an owner’s home. The property history stays on the MLS indefinitely which can affect re-sale in the coming months and years.

At Privately Sold Properties our mission is to showcase exclusive private listings, those not currently on the MLS. These listings are from some of Southern California’s finest real estate agents. This website presents these coveted residential properties to Real Estate agents who have qualified buyers in the market to purchase the home of their dreams.


*Selling your home through the MLS is always an option through PSP.

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Did you know since 2010,
5,000 properties have sold Privately
in and around Los Angeles,
and this number is rapidly increasing?


    • PRIVACY – Great for owner’s who value their privacy and prefer not to have neighbors or the general public knowing their home is available. This is a wonderful option for Architectural Properties and Luxury Estates that house precious valuables.


  • HOMEOWNERS ON THE FENCE – For homeowners not ready to commit to all the strenuous activities a traditional MLS listing requires of their sellers, like open houses, brokers caravans, multiple showings, and much more, Privately Sold Properties is the perfect option for homeowners looking to test the market.
  • DAYS ON MARKET – PSP does not register Days on Market (DOM). This is one of the most important advantages to you as a PSP Seller. Why? Buyers immediately want to know how long a property has been on the market, because naturally they feel the higher the DOM, the more it validates their low ball offer.
  • SCHEDULING – No jumping through hoops to prepare your home for last minute showings. You, with your realtor, control the amount of exposure days your property will get and how much advanced notice is required prior to showings.
  • PASSWORD PROTECTED – Privately Sold Properties is Password Protected to ensure your privacy.
  • CONVENIENCE – The fact that we do not hold open public open houses is extremely accommodating for sellers whose time is valuable.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Selling your property through the MLS is always on option through Privately Sold Properties. This is great for Out of Area Owners or for Leased Properties.

*Selling your home through the MLS is always an option through PSP.

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Does selling Privately really work?



The MLS wants to paint a picture that if you sell Privately or Off Market the owner is going make much less than in the sell through the MLS.

The MLS will do anything to convince you that you cannot sell your home at a great price privately.

The MLS will try to convince you not to sell privately or off market. We find this to be quite mis-leading as there are numerous examples of homes that we know for a fact sold way over market value.

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Properties many times sell for a higher
Price Per Square Foot than the MLS.

The Power of Price Per Square Foot

Some extremely important information that the MLS does not tell you is that some of the highest Price Per Square Foot Sales have been Private sales, ones that have sold for significantly higher than neighborhood averages and more than most of the properties that have sold through the MLS.

Privately Sold Properties strives to sell your home at a higher Price Per Square Foot than the MLS. Please contact us so we can send you the top 10 most prominent private sales in your area and you can see for yourself 10 reasons why to list privately.

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True Marketing Evaluation

Many agents and websites let computer pricing models dictate and formulate a valuation for your home. Our specialists personally know the market and are intimately in touch with the most up-to-date sales, including off market sales, which helps determine the most accurate value of your home. You need someone that truly knows the market and is not a robot or a (take out A) relying on computer pricing models such as Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia.

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Unlike anyone else we offer
3 fantastic marketing options to sell your home

Traditional Standards

PSP has a list of options each client can customize to their liking. From pricing of services received to security levels, this is a fantastic feature that most traditional agents cannot offer.

We can work with any budget. We’ve got you covered.

Unlike Traditional marketing you can choose what specific services you would like your PSP Specialist to take care of. We offer 3 distinct marketing packages that we can customize to your budget. Find out more about our Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Marketing Packages.

Your privacy is our priority

Many homeowners want to take the control back and do not want un-qualified buyers and just anybody having access to their private information, their home. Your security is our priority and we will work together to comprehensively select a system of what agents and buyers will be able to see your home on-line and in person.

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PSP Features that are
Coming Soon…

This exciting feature creates the ultimate buzz for sellers, giving buyers a first glimpse of the private properties that are going to come onto Privately Sold Properties in the near future. An interest list will be created for each COMING SOON PROPERTY.

This section will showcase property postings for homes that will be available for a very short time before they hit the MLS in the near future, in which Agents and Sellers will consider showings prior to the home being released to the MLS.

Matching our most qualified buyers with newly listed homes as they become available on Privately Sold Properties.

This feature keeps buyers and investors updated as soon as a private listing hit Privately Sold Properties. It also notifies buyers and investors when the seller or agent has made any price reductions or changes.

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Relax We will take Care of You.


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